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Old Merola Family photo — About Us | Pittsburgh, PA
We are a family owned and operated business that started with Gennaro Merola in the 1930's doing conventional stucco and plaster work for the residential home owner. The business has been passed down over the years through generations with the same passion as Pap Merola had way back then. Bill Merola is still working the family business today and we are so proud to say that we have serviced thousands of happy and well satisfied customers. We have worked with many of the same customers, families and contractors even through multiple generations which really says a lot about the success of our company.

We have maintained our great reputation of a company that stands behind their work because after all that is our name out there. People have come to know that we will always put our customers' needs and concerns first to make sure they are getting the job they deserve and expect from us. We will get the job done correctly, in a timely fashion, at a reasonable cost while respecting them and their property during that work process.
We have experienced many changes and improvements in this industry over the years while developing into a company that could service both the residential homeowner and commercial clientele. Over time we came to offer other services including synthetic stucco, various insulation services and products, ornamental plaster and design, stone work and Venetian plaster. We have tackled an array of jobs running from the smallest plaster repair to a 5 story high rise building.

Our work force has also seen many changes over time and along with the demand, employing anywhere from 5 to 20 employees at a time. We continue to offer insulation, plaster, ornamental plaster and stucco to our customers and enjoy the fact that we are still going strong after all these years. We know that it's only possible to continue to prosper through the years with a strong sense of dedication to a family business, great work ethic and reliable employees.
New Merola family photo — About Us | Pittsburgh, PA
Please feel free to contact us to learn more about Bill Merola Company and services either through our website, info@merolacompany.com or you can give us a call at (412) 795-0357. Our hours of operation are Mon-Fri 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM. We take pride in our work and can't wait to deliver quality services for your home or business.

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